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CT Up-You-Go 2.0 – 4:1 Pulley Hauling System


CT UP-YOU-GO 2.0 – 4:1 Pulley Hauling system

Auto-locking haul system with 4:1 mechanical advantage - or 5:1 if used upside down. Due to the compact system, the Upyougo is ideal for use in limited space such as rescue operations. The pulley block is CE marked and tested with a load of 18 kN for 3 min. It is also equipped with an 8mm accessory cord according to EN 564. Upyougo is developed for lifting and releasing an injured operator or for tensioning a system. A smoother and faster operation is guaranteed by the prevention of retraction after the load has been retrieved. It comprises of UP ROLL and UP LOCK pulleys, equipped with sheaves mounted on ball bearings. In addition, the "UP YOU GO" is equipped with a rope guide on the lower pulleys. This keeps the ropes stand parallel and reduces the risk of tangling while in use. The Freelock system allows easy operation with a single hand movement, even when wearing gloves. - CE marked and EN 564 - Ideal for rescue operations - Easy handling due to Freelock system