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Elevator Rescue Kit, Polling Tool


Please call RIT Safety for updates on availability and pricing.   Dragon Poling Tool Info - Designed by Michael Dragonetti - Elevator Industry 8 years¬† (ret) - Rescue Co. FF (18 years) - Developed/teaching "Handling Elevator Emergencies" Nationally since 1999 - Tool used to disengage elevator door lock when key hole is not present (across/up/down) - Durable, lightweight, streamlined, extendable to 12' - Twist lock Pole to accommodate various lengths - Little to no flexibility at full extension - Stores easily in apparatus - Transverse compartment or pike pole/roof hook sleeve - Assembly not required (can't lose parts) - Built in flashlight (for 1 person use)     CALL RIT SAFETY FOR A PRICE QUOTE.

Skylotec CRIC Rope Clamp

NEW! CRIC Multi-functional Rope Clamp.
Ascender, Pulley, Rope Clamp / Pulley, or Progress-Capture Hauling Pulley