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ISC 50′ Heavy Duty Fall Arrest Block


Name RSUB170A 15m (50ft) Heavy Duty Fall Arrest Block
Approved standards CE EN 360
Notes Individual Serial Number
Serviceability May be serviced
  The UB170 Fall Arrest Block is fitted with a Twistlock Fall-indicating, Swivel Eye Karabiner as standard. All ISC Blocks have solid Aluminum Housings, proven to last in all sorts of environments, from rental to off-shore.  The internal mechanisms are simple, making them easily serviceable.   CALL RIT SAFETY FOR A PRICE QUOTE!
Weight (grams) 8900
Weight (ounces) 314
Line type Cable
Gate/lock type Twistlock
Fall indicator Yes (will show as available)
Body material Aluminum
Finish Powder coated
Color Red

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