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ISC Steel Offset Oval Keelock Carabiner – RSKL321TL


ISC Steel Offset Oval Keelock Carabiner

Offset Oval Keelock Karabiner The Keelock Karabiner combines the specifications of an Oval with that of a ‘D’ shape carabiner.  True Ovals are not capable of achieving high breaking loads, as their symmetrical shape shares the load between the spine and the gate of the carabiner.  The weakest part of any carabiner is the gate and so wherever possible, designers will try to bias the load toward the spine of the carabiner.  This is why 'D' shape carabiners are (typically) give the highest breaking loads. However, in many industries such as Rope Access & Rope Rescue, the Oval is a popular shape...hence the introduction of this new hybrid KL321 Offset Oval. We have now developed the process of cold forging, which allows us to offer the common Keelock style (anti-snag) noses on several carabiners in our range, including the new KL321 Offset Oval. TL- Twistlock (2- way)
Weight (grams) 193
Weight (ounces) 6.8
Gate opening gap (mm) 17
Gate opening gap (inches) 5/8
Body material Steel
Body/gate/barrel material Steel
(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (kN) 40
(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (lbs.) 8800