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Kevlar Personal Escape Belt with A Frame


Made of 1 3/4″ Kevlar Webbing, our popular single escape / ladder belt just got better!! By request, RIT developed a single escape / ladder belt with an A-frame. The purpose of the A-frame is to keep you upright during egress or used for ladder/bucket work in conjunction with position hook. This unique feature is utilized in all of our class II harnesses and was a natural transition to our single.

Additionally, the A-Frame allows for ladder hook placement. This unique set up offers two important life safety features for a firefighter – Pre-Rigged Egress Connection for emergency bailout and a Ladder Hook for stability while working on a ladder or in a bucket.

  • Certified NFPA 1983 Standards on Life Safety Rope 2017 Edition
  • 1 ¾” Kevlar – 10,000 lb Tensile Strength; Exceeds 860 degrees F Temperature Rating

Skylotec CRIC Rope Clamp

NEW! CRIC Multi-functional Rope Clamp.
Ascender, Pulley, Rope Clamp / Pulley, or Progress-Capture Hauling Pulley