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Kevlar Truck Belt


RIT Truck Belt
RIT’s Truck Belt is ideal for the hands free firefighter. It is equipped with a tool holder and a D-ring, this Kevlar harness has the ability to carry just about anything a truckie might require. An NFPA certified ladder hook with a 2″ off-center gate on a Kevlar lanyard are stowed in an advance pouch until needed. You’ll find this Truck Belt with its 3-1/2″ leather back support much more comfortable than the standard Class I harness. These belts are certified to the NFPA 1983, standard on life safety rope and equipment for emergency services 2017 edition, and the optional flame resistance requirements of the NFPA 1983, type escape/ladder belt.** **Emergency services escape/ladder belt in accordance with NFPA 1983-2012 E**   CALL RIT SAFETY FOR A PRICE QUOTE.

Skylotec CRIC Rope Clamp

NEW! CRIC Multi-functional Rope Clamp.
Ascender, Pulley, Rope Clamp / Pulley, or Progress-Capture Hauling Pulley