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Kevlar Tubular Webbing | 7/16th


7/16th Kevlar Tubular Webbing

Length 50 ft – 600 ft.

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The 7/16th Kevlar tubular webbing is not only light weight, but easily compactable which makes it ideal for either application. Features:
  • 5,500 pound tensile strength
  • 862 degree temperature rating
  • When used for egress, tubular webbing must be accompanied by the RIT Descender
  • Rope made from Kevlar is pound for pound five times as strong as steel and much lighter in weight
  • Rope made of Kevlar is stronger, at the same weight, than nylon or polyester rope
  • Rope made of Kevlar does not suffer shrinkage like most other rope made from organic fibers when exposed to hot air or hot water
  • Rope made of Kevlar exhibits far less creep (lengthening of a material under constant load) than nylon or polyester
  • Rope made of Kevlar is less apt to suffer stress rupture (sudden failure of a material when it is held under a load less than its tensile strength for a period of time)
  • Rope made of Kevlar has excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance

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