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Large Mouth Rope Bags


Made with canvas duck and poly-coated material for endurance, the RIT LARGE MOUTH ROPE BAG is designed to carry tools, rescue rope or any type of equipment needed in the field. The RIT LARGE MOUTH ROPE BAG features two carry methods: Handles for short haul and adjustable shoulder straps with high visibility trimming for walking long distance to job site The RIT LARGE MOUTH ROPE BAG is surrounded with Reflective Trim for easy identification at night or in dark conditions The RIT LARGE MOUTH ROPE BAG is fitted with a drawstring closure to protect components Part #                                                          Description                                    Size                                            Rope Capacity A1414                                                            Small Bag                               H= 13” C = 23”                          100'  of   1/2" Rope A1415                                                         Medium Bag                             H= 19” C = 23”                          200'  of   1/2" Rope A1416                                                           Large Bag                                H= 25” C = 23”                          300' of    1/2" Rope   Color options  available: Black, Red, Blue