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Introducing the NEW RIT Pocket Pack Tool Pouch with back storage compartment. It goes into the bunker pocket and folds to lock in Velcro so nothing falls out while working. No handles on the bag- avoid inadvertently pulling out of pocket and losing valuable tools. Keep contents in place and PROTECTS THE INTEGRITY OF THE POCKET WHICH IN TURN SAVES MONEY ON REPAIRS. *Standard Dimensions are 8” x 8” - Fits most pockets *Made of very strong Ballistic Nylon with outside bright trim - helps keep all tools and personal items protected *Velcro closing storage area in the back of the bag – hold contents in place while working. Helps provide protection from the heat/water. Please specify gear type before purchase so we can match the Velcro closure to the pants pocket.   CALL RIT SAFETY FOR A PRICE QUOTE.