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Conrest Kit


Conrest Rescue Stretcher Kit | San-9100-02

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The rescue stretcher CONREST KIT includes a fixation foot bag that enables a quick rescue of injured persons from spaces that are confined and difficult to access. The short construction fixes the patient's head, spine, pelvis, and arms with a particularly strong and stabilizing webbing construction. Thanks to numerous handles, the CONREST KIT offers rescuers and emergency services many possibilities to move the casualty out of the danger zone. In addition, special suspensions can be attached to the carrying loops, which can be connected to a mobile sling system to rescue casualties from a manhole, for example. A clear colour system ensures quick handling: all anchorage points are marked orange. Pre-folded straps make the application very quick and intuitive. The CONREST KIT has a stable and solid sliding plate that guarantees safe movement of the patient over edges or obstacles.

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