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High Point Anchor


RIT High Point Anchor System – Safety/Rescue
This pre-rigged 2:1 mechanically advantage system assists departments with limited manpower. Should a firefighter become trapped or incapacitated on an upper level, this system allows for limited staffing to secure the firefighter raise them out of an elevated arena and to safely lower them to the ground. RIT’s High Point Anchor System contains 100′ of 9.5mm Kevlar over polyester rope. Due to the positioning of the system, RIT Utilizes this  Kevlar rope to withstand the high temperatures placed on it. The 9.5mm Kevlar over polyester rope has the tensile strength of 7000 lbs. and exceeds 860 degrees F temperature rating. The system is packed in a weather resistant Cordura bag. It comes pre-rigged with three NFPA-certified ladder hooks and two split pulleys. The 2:1 mechanical advantage allows for easy horizontal dragging as well as vertical raising or lowering of a downed firefighter.