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Spark Tactical Rope Access Descender/Work Positioning Device


SPARK Tactical Rope Access Descender/Work Positioning Device. Meets ANSI Z359.9 Type 4, NFPA 2500 (1983) G

The Spark Tactical is developed for permanent use under the toughest conditions. The product version developed especially for tactical operations combines the advantages of the best abseiling devices for industrial and rescue use. It is characterized in particular by the conception without antipanic- function, which enables fast, precise and uninterrupted abseiling. Intuitive and simple rope handling, while the carabiner on the harness can remain connected to the device, the well thought-out ergonomics and the precise operation of the lever allow for the best handling. Thanks to the sophisticated rope guide inside the device, the rope is protected against twisting and kinking as well as heavy wear.