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RIT Safety Solutions

Lightweight Materials. Simple Design. Rapid Deployment.

In emergencies, time matters. Trust your equipment to work exactly the way it’s supposed to.
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Safety is paramount.

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Why Choose RIT Safety Solutions?


We’ve been in the safety gear game since 1998.


Our founder not only understands safety solutions, as a veteran firefighter he’s experienced the challenges today’s civil servants and industrial employees face.


We stand by our quality products that undergo rigorous testing before deployment.

Learn more about our company’s history as well as our testing processes.

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25+ Years Experience Designing & Manufacturing Self-Rescue Systems.
Several Thousand Self-Rescue Systems in Use in the Fire Rescue Sector.
Pre-Rigged, Ready to Use. No Rigging Required. Deploy & Go.
Auto Locking Descending Device, Non-Weight Dependent.
100% Kevlar 7 1/6” Tubular Webbing Escape Line.
Integrated & Standalone Configurations.
NFPA & ANSI / ASSP Z359.4 Certified.
CUSTOM Configurations Available.
MBS. 14.0 Kn.